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World Class Training Programs

Our curriculum incorporates principles that provide a comprehensive approach to personal and organizational transformation.

360 Solutions Asia is a proud to be a strategic partner of 360 Solutions. Since the early 1980s, 360 Solution’s training materials have been presented to hundreds of organizations across the globe. These businesses have ranged in development from start-up to Fortune 500. Their curriculum incorporates principles such as the value of integrity and excellence with the vision of providing a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to personal and organizational transformation.

The overall mission of our materials is to:
  • Provide best-in-class training solutions aligned to your organization’s goals.
  • Provide our clients great training at reasonable prices.
  • Build leadership skills that enable leaders to build high performance work environments that focus on empowerment, teamwork and collaboration.

Leadership Development

360 Solutions Asia Program Leadership Development

Leadership is a rich and meaningful word. It stirs up a sense of idealism, excitement, hope and courage. It is a word that inspires us to be our best, a word that we associate with those who have made the greatest difference in our lives. In short, leadership is a significant part of the answer to whatever challenges our organizations may face.

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Business Strategy

Most organizations face stiff challenges in today’s marketplace. Changing demographics, new technologies, aggressive competition and sophisticated consumers demand that organizations either change the way they do business or face extinction.

Strategy is defined as the way an organization meets the challenges and opportunities presented by its environment.

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360 Solutions Asia Program Business Strategy

High Performance Teams

360 Solutions Asia Program High Performance Teams

High-performance teams are more than a group of people working together to accomplish a common task. They share a common vision and purpose that inspires their performance. They feel accountable for their work. They solve problems, make decisions and act like full partners in business.

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Employee Development

Go beyond catchy slogans and shallow efforts to keep employees on target. True employee engagement requires a comprehensive and strategic approach that creates positive, lasting results when implemented effectively. Employee Engagement encourages productive and dedicated team members to have a vested interest in the company.

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360 Solutions Asia Program Employee Development

Sales Training

360 Solutions Asia Program Sales Training

You have probably heard the comment: “This product sells itself!” While there are definitely fantastic products of every kind out there, we believe that in reality Products Don’t Sell, People Do! Strategic and tactical sales techniques are the vital tools that give you the edge in your market. This program is specifically geared to teach these techniques in a highly interactive and experiential environment – a methodology proven to work.

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Management Training

The premise of this program is that organizations are healthier and more productive when their relationships are strong and people understand how to work together. In a highly interactive environment, team members have fun while learning principles, making decisions and maintaining a positive social environment.

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360 Solutions Asia Program Management Training

Employee Training

360 Solutions Asia Program High Performance Teams

Well-trained employees are the key to your business success. Studies have shown that the most successful, productive employees are those who have received extensive training. They are the best of the best, often having the strongest stake in the company’s future.

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Project Management

The integrative nature of project management involves coordinating multiple processes for a project. This applies through all the basic principles groups of Concept, Selection, Initiating, Planning, Executing, Approval, Delivery, and Closing. Your use of these basic principles will increase the performance of your project team and success of the project.

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360 Solutions Asia Program Project Management

High Performance Leadership

360 Solutions Asia Program Management Training

The purpose of the High Performance Leadership programs is to help companies develop leaders who are able to master the challenges of today’s complex and changing world. We believe that leadership development must take place at three levels to drive organizational success.

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