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Become a Partner

The Best Business Opportunity

360Solutions Asia was started by entrepreneur Alvin Ong, with a desire to help individuals start, build and operate their own business. As a Master Licensee of 360 Solutions LLC, USA we are perfectly positioned to providing our partners the opportunity to become invaluable to their clients’ business growth through training curriculum, assessments and technology.

Below you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision about joining our network of Strategic Business Partners. If you have any questions, contact us today and we will set up a time to discuss in more detail all the resources that are available when joining the 360 Solutions Asia network.

Leadership Solutions can help you succeed in starting, building and running your own business:

  • Leading edge products
  • Support through coaching
  • A Solid technology platform
  • Branding, Marketing & Sales Programs to get you business up and running

With our partnership with 360 Solutions we are at the forefront of business consulting, employee training, learning technology, assessments and helping companies create high performance and sustainable growth. Our curriculum of materials along with our cutting edge technology provide an unbeatable foundation for you to use in working with your clients.

Our curriculum includes programs for the following topics:

  • Leadership Development
  • Business Consulting
  • High Performance Teams
  • Employee Development
  • Sales Training
  • Project Management

Let the 360 Solutions Asia system work for you.

Our team is committed to helping Business Growth Specialists reach their goals. In addition to our experts, we have a network of thriving independent consultants that has used the 360 Solutions methodology to achieve success for their customers … and themselves.

360 Solutions Asia is committed to your success and gives you numerous advantages so you can build your business and your success. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Predictable, residual income – We teach you how.
  • Freedom and flexibility – Enjoy working when and where you desire. 99% of your meetings will be on-site which means you don’t have to have the high overhead of an office unless you choose to.
  • Run your own business – Unlike a franchise, we let YOU run your business. We don’t put any restrictions on how and where you run your company.
  • Low overhead – Get the support and products you need for a low Start-up investment. After your initial start up investment, there is no inventory required and no royalties. Add products and services as you grow and expand your business
  • No royalties – We don’t take a piece of your profits, nor do we require a monthly minimum spend.
  • Work from home – 85% of the strategic partners’ worldwide work out of their home.
  • No territory restrictions – Enjoy working anywhere in the world. We do business where you want to. And if you decide to move… take your business with you!
  • Help others succeed – Be a mentor for others, both personally and professionally.
  • Status – Be a leader in your community. You will be known as the business growth expert!
  • No minimum purchase requirement – Only order what you need.
  • Private-label your products – For a low upfront cost we can Brand the products for YOUR business.
  • No inventory – We offer on-demand shipping.
  • Advanced curriculum – Our training and consulting courses are the best in the world and have been used in hundreds of businesses.
  • The 360 community of Strategic Partners helps each other learn and grow – Be a part of a large network of Strategic Partners.
  • Full-time support staff – You are assigned a marketing director to support you in your business and marketing needs.
  • Proven system – Learn our proven system to start, build, and run your own business.
  • Marketing Materials – No need to re-create the wheel. Use our existing marketing materials or we’ll custom create new ones for you.
  • 360 Academy – We offer lifetime tuition for our training events in India and USA. Our advanced training will teach you how to run a successful business as well as be a dynamic employee training specialist.

Note: Some products and services (as above) may require payment of an additional fee.

When you become a Strategic Business Partner of 360 Solutions Asia and start your own training and consulting business the sky’s the limit. One of the fantastic aspects of starting your own training and consulting practice is that there really is no one single way to be successful … there are many. And the strengths and background that you bring to the equation are central to determining how you build your business. Go with what you know and what you’re passionate about and you’ll be off and running.

We have found though that there are three major areas in which our Strategic Partners work to build their firms: In-House Training, Consulting & Executive Coaching and Product Sales.

In-House Training:
  • Training Workshops – Going to your client and holding training is one of the core revenue generators for our Strategic Partners. The fees charged range dramatically and the topic of the training is typically dictated by the needs of each company.
  • Train the Trainer Programs – Very often larger companies will have people within the Human Resources department who do in-house training. However even in such cases there is a need to train the trainers and have quality training courseware. This is an opportunity to sell training for trainers and our courseware.
  • Open Forum Events – These are public one-time workshops on one topic (we have hundreds you can choose from) typically done in a 2-3 hour time span. By offering a great educational value and giving prospects the opportunity to see you in action, they are much more likely to be motivated to retain your services.
  • Retainer Fee Clients – Once a company has chosen you to conduct ongoing, in-house training on one or multiple course topics, it becomes beneficial to them to put you on a monthly retainer fee. You, then, have a consistent revenue stream and the ability to delve deeper into the company for even more opportunities.

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Business Consulting & Executive Coaching:

As a business consultant you will be helping organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement. Typically, companies seek the services of consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the consultants’ specialized expertise.

By becoming a Strategic Partner you are tapping into a wealth of programs, knowledge, expertise and experience in the world of business consulting. Combined with your industry background you can leverage this to become the go to source for business consulting for your industry domain.

Our industry leading High Performance Leadership Development material will also augment your role as an Executive Coach who facilitates professional and personal development for the leadership of a company.

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Technology Products:
  • Assessments and Benchmarks – We provide a single source platform for assessing a diverse range of skills and personalities and the ability to create custom benchmarks for a specific company, culture and function. These form a great stand-alone product to sell to companies as well as a great entry point for getting your foot in the door and then expanding your business.

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  • 360 LMS – 360 LMS provides cutting edge cloud-based software for creating, sharing and tracking online social learning. With 360 LMS you can easily upload PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, video, audio and use our test and surveying engine to create custom learning. Set up groups to customize the learning and encourage collaboration and sharing. Give access to the learning when your client needs it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week by logging on from their phone, tablet or any other internet device. And with state-of-the-art security you can be assured that the information is safe.

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Part of joining the 360 Solutions Asia family as a Strategic Business Partner means getting a kick-start in marketing your business along with help down the road whenever you need it. Our private label branding package includes the following to get your business off the ground immediately:

Branding Strategy Creation
Logo Design
Business Card Design
Letterhead Design
Envelope Design
Website Creation & Design
Social Media Set Up:
(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
Private Label 360LMS
Private Label Catalog Setup
Private Label Workbook Covers
Private Label Marketing
Brochure for 360LMS
2 Minute Custom
Promotional Video
Custom Video Bookend
for 360LMS Videos
Learning Library
Marketing CD
Sales & Marketing

In addition, 360Solutions’ sister company Purple Dane is available to all our Strategic Business Partners for ongoing marketing services to whatever degree your company needs. Purple Dane is a full service sales and marketing agency focused on growing your business and can help you with everything from online marketing to ad creative to billboards to social media and everything in between. An added advantage to working with Purple Dane is that they work with our Partners around the globe and can bring proven marketing strategies to the table for you. To learn more about Purple Dane’s services, please visit

Note: Most products and services (as above) require payment of a separate fee.

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