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Our Partnerships


The purpose of the High Performance Leadership programs is to help companies develop leaders who are able to master the challenges of today’s complex and changing world. We believe that leadership development must take place at three levels to drive organizational success.

Personal Leadership: The Character Factor – This program is designed to help leaders grow by clarifying their personal purpose and vision, the principles of interacting with others, and developing the awareness and personal maturity to make good choices.

Team Leadership: The Accountability Factor – This program will equip leaders with the wisdom and skills to create an environment in which people are fully engaged and effective in fulfilling the mission of the organization.

Organizational Leadership: The Productivity Factor – This program will enable leaders to be effective by taking a holistic view of the organization’s performance and plan interventions that define direction, create infrastructure and a positive culture.


360 Solutions Asia has chosen to partner with 360 Solutions for their employee and leadership development curriculum. 360 Solutions has recognized that people are the most important asses that any organization has. Teaming up with two leading experts in the industry, 360 Solutions set out to create curriculum aimed at helping companies develop high performance people and achieve better business results. With 32 years of successfully applying their principles with corporations like Amoco, Colgate, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Proctor & Gamble and Ford Motor Company, this team of experts tailored the system to also work for small and medium size business.

360 Solutions also has developed new web-based technologies to support the people development processes in the area of assessments, surveys and social learning. 360 Solutions Asia utilizes these programs and tools to give clients the greatest opportunity for success.

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